What's Better Than A Good Meal?

Great deals on delicious food at Sundown Bar and Grill

How many times have you stopped yourself from eating out because you didn't want to pay full price for food? Fortunately, you won't have to restrain yourself at Sundown Bar and Grill. We have specials almost every day of the week. You can enjoy your favorite entree and still have enough money left over to buy a couple of rounds.

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What are you craving today?

What are you craving today?

We serve mouthwatering food that will please any palate. Here's a breakdown of our weekly specials:

Hot beef lunches | Rib dinners
Shrimp alfredo | Chicken alfredo | Spaghetti
Ribeye steak dinners (with or without shrimp) | Catfish dinners | Brick-oven pizzas
Brick-oven pizzas | Chef's Choice Special
Chef's Choice Special

If your stomach's talking now, it's telling you it wants some of our delicious food. Visit Sundown Bar and Grill today to try one of our weekly specials.